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Desiigner - Panda (Audio) High Quality

"Panda" is a hip hop and trap song.[3][4] The hook was written about a white BMW X6, which he likens to the appearance of a panda. "I'm just putting it in a greater way of how I say and the way I live."[5] Desiigner discovered the song's beat on YouTube, which was produced by up-and-coming Rochdale-based[6] producer Menace.[7][8][9] Menace has stated the track takes influence from the UK grime scene.[10]

Desiigner - Panda (Audio)

At 18 years and 11 months old, Desiigner is the youngest artist to top the Hot 100 since Lorde, who was 16 years and 11 months old when "Royals" assumed the top spot (for nine weeks) on October 12, 2013.[16] The song spent seventeen weeks in the top ten of the Hot 100 before dropping out. It also reached number one on Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs. Among the Hot 100's component charts, "Panda" peaked at number 2 on Digital Songs and 10 on Radio Songs, and topped Streaming Songs.[17][18] As of December 2016, it has sold 1,524,000 copies in the United States.[19] The song had the most on demand streams (audio and video combined) in the US in 2016 (791,000).[20]

A recent post on Desiigner's Instagram shows a video of someone garbed in a panda outfit dancing in front of an opening trunk somewhere near the CN Tower. But where? And why? Being incredibly capable journalists, we used state-of-the-art imagery to locate where this anthem about peace and friendship was possibly being filmed.

According to our database, this very video could have very well been filmed near the Ontario Science Centre, which for foreigners is a place where they overcharge on slices of pizza and sell Lego Bionicle toys. What does this mean and why is he shooting this video or promo tool here? One reason is despite the rising population of pandas, PANDA PANDAS in Canada, The International Union for the Conservation of Nature lists pandas as an endangered species, with around 1,000 to 2,000 individuals believed to remain in the wild. Perhaps, Desiigner, is staging a musical protest to spread the message of these endangered animals to the youth. Still, the onus is on us, panda-loving Canadians to keep them safe through well- designed mountain prisons in a zoo. Well, Desiigner, we certainly see your point and will do our very best to oblige. Watch the video here and decide the truth. 041b061a72


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