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Faceware Live 2 0 101

i went through this same conversation/consultation during my capsule wardrobe process. i love and live by the quote by liliana hart, because it really speaks to the way i want to live my life. this quote from an interview that she did with craig winn has been my life mantra for a few years now.

Faceware Live 2 0 101

you have seen a woman who has confidence in herself and in her husband. her husband does not go out looking for gossip; her husband does not go out looking for love; her husband does not go out looking for someone to replace her; her husband will respect her, love her, and try to see that she is happy. he doesnt go out looking for excuses to be miserable in her presence. he gives her everything she needs to stay happy and contribute to his life.

many people have shared that feeling of always wanting to do more and do it perfectly. for me, it comes from feeling like i am the most worthless and unlovable person on the planet. i grew up in a world of perfection, a place where everything i did was scrutinized and set up to fail and make me feel like im worthless. i spent years in church and on my best behavior to hide the pain, that was covered up with tons of other pain, which further perpetuated the cycle. ive finally crawled out of my own hole (it was so painful), and over the last few years have worked to find my value and remind myself that i am beautiful and i am worthy of love and happiness, and that this life is not all about me. the more i take time for myself, the happier i am. i am embracing my imperfections, my flaws, my struggles, and my accomplishments.


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