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Main Phir Aaoongi 2015: The Ultimate Horror Movie Torrent Download

Main Phir Aaoongi 2015 Full Movie Torrent Download: A Review

If you are looking for a horror movie to watch this weekend, you might want to check out Main Phir Aaoongi, a 2015 Indian film directed by K.I. Shaikh. The movie is about a village girl who is killed by a thakur and his friends and then the ghost of the girl is out for revenge and haunts the four men. In this article, we will review the movie and show you how to download it via torrent.

Main Phir Aaoongi 2015 full movie torrent download

What is Main Phir Aaoongi?

Main Phir Aaoongi (I Will Come Back Again) is a horror movie that was released on November 13, 1998. It is a remake of the 1988 Malayalam film Utharam. The movie stars Manish Wadhwa, Madhumani, Shraddha Sharma, and Jai Kalgutkar in the lead roles. The movie was produced by Manoj Jaiswal and the music was composed by Sid Coutto. The movie was a disaster at the box office and received negative reviews from critics.

Plot summary

The movie begins with a flashback of a village girl named Radha (Madhumani) who is in love with a boy named Raju (Jai Kalgutkar). However, their love is opposed by Radha's father, who wants her to marry Thakur (Manish Wadhwa), the son of the village head. Thakur and his friends also lust after Radha and try to molest her several times. One night, they kidnap Radha and take her to a deserted place where they rape and kill her. They bury her body in a nearby graveyard and swear to keep their crime a secret.

Years later, Thakur and his friends are living in Mumbai, where they have become successful businessmen. They are unaware that Radha's ghost has followed them and is waiting for the right time to take revenge. One by one, she starts haunting them and killing them in gruesome ways. She also tries to warn Raju, who is now a journalist, about their fate. Raju tries to investigate the mystery behind Radha's death and expose Thakur and his friends. Will he be able to save himself and his loved ones from Radha's wrath? Will Radha get justice for her murder? Watch the movie to find out.

Cast and crew


ThakurManish Wadhwa


RajuJai Kalgutkar

NehaShraddha Sharma

DirectorK.I. Shaikh

ProducerManoj Jaiswal

Music DirectorSid Coutto

LyricistShaheen Iqbal

Screenplay WriterS. Sachindra



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