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Solid State Physics By Dekker Pdf Free Download UPDATED

the optical trap is loaded with a biotinylated dna strand bound to streptavidin. for the measurements, the solid-state membrane is held in a flow-cell at the bottom of the optical trap and the polystyrene bead is held above the membrane. we apply an electric field across the membrane to create a potential difference between the solid-state membrane and the bead and thus a force on the bead. for recording the dna voltage-dependency, we follow the same scheme used for magnetic tweezers experiments: we apply a sinusoidal voltage across the membrane at 1khz frequency and extract the current through the dna from the measured voltage, while monitoring the bead position.

solid state physics by dekker pdf free download

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we expect that our work will stimulate further studies of the mechanical properties of biomolecules in a solid-state nanopore. this knowledge will be useful for the molecular engineering of nanopores and solid-state devices that exploit the physical properties of biomolecules, for example in the sensing of biomolecules 26, 27 . furthermore, our results may help to elucidate the mechanism of dna transport through nanopores. finally, the combination of optical tweezers and ionic-current detection is a versatile new approach for the analysis of single molecules, and in the future it may enable studies on the mechanical properties of a variety of biological and synthetic macromolecules in a solid-state environment.

the book is designed as a basic introduction to the subject. we start with the properties of solids which are common to all materials. we discuss such properties as structure, thermodynamics, phase transitions, and defects. we then introduce the basic methods of theoretical solid-state physics such as density functional theory and band structure. we end with the properties of the electronic structure of solids.


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